Q1) What’s so unique about Stamford Global School for me to opt for “Stamford” for my child over other more famous schools in Bikaner?

Ans: Unlike other schools Stamford uses more digital aids in teaching-learning process which makes understanding upto 90% more effective over conventional Chalk-Talk methods. At SGS we use Smart Classes and Tablets with Lots of audio-video contents to make learning effective, easy and better grasping. More advanced teaching methodologies shall be employed for better coordination between students & teachers.


Q2) What’s “Less-Bag” Concept and how its superior to traditional and prevalent “Bag-Less” theory?

Ans:  It’s very important to maintain perfect balance between studies and stress levels.  While heavy bag creates adverse effect on the psyche of the children and can produce deformation in the spinal cord and Bag-Less can seriously jeopardize studies and can make children lethargic. At SGS we maintain a balance between the two with “less-Bag” without compromising on studies.

Q3) What do you mean by “Schooling with Learning”?

Ans: As per recent World Bank’s report, millions of young students in India suffer in later life as their primary and secondary schools are failing to educate them to succeed in life.  At SGS we ensure “Schooling with Learning” which means with every successive class students acquire enough knowledge which they are expected to garner at that level, nothing less.

Q4: What kind of study material is being used at Stamford?

Ans: Study material for beginners is based on Pictionary concept that brings together traditional and technological domains, the 3-D experience of the Augmented reality App will give learners the opportunity to explore their world independently.. Each student will have a Tab fully loaded with the contents (syllabus) with animation and lots of activities and exercises.  The students will only need to carry an Integrated Semester course book and few sheets daily to school.

Q5) How do you keep your teachers abreast?

Ans: AT SGS, teachers will undergo different levels of trainings at varied frequency be it brushing up their subject knowledge, polishing their teaching skills, attitude and behavioral training or even psychological training and so on to make sure they are ahead of times.

Q6) Safety & Security of wards is biggest concern for any parent. How do you address security concerns?

Ans: A child’s safety is of utmost importance for school management as we consider every child to be our personal responsibility once he or she enters the school premises till he/she leaves. To have a fail-safe mechanism not only we will have CCTV cameras throughout school premises to keep a eagle eye on every student but also we will have biometric/ chip based attendance for every child with on the spot SMS alert to parents both at entry & exit points. Many more systems are put in place to ensure 100% safety and security of every child.

Q7)  How will you improve on “Spoken English” with correct grammar and proper pronunciations?

Ans: Soon English speaking in school campus will be compulsory.  Our expert faculty will operate language labs to make students practice regularly to speak flawless English with right dialect and correct grammar.

Q8) What is the fees structure of the school ?

Ans: Fees structure can be obtained from school office, any day from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.

Q9) How will you ensure students don’t loose out on moral values & rich cultural heritage in their quest for modern education?

Ans: Special sessions have been planned to keep students connected with their roots maintaining high moral values and rich cultural traditions alive.

Q10) What do you mean by making students “Future Ready”?

Ans: Going one step further to “Schooling with Learning” at SGS we shall keep our students abreast with current happening round the globe, General Knowledge, IQ and analytical ability to prepare them for facing competitions at later years of their schooling. The grooming shall begin at an early age.

Q11) How do you see future of Stamford Global School from here?

Ans: Our vision is 5-in-3 (To be among Top 5 within 3 years) and 3-in-5 (To be among Top 3 within 5 years)